Las Vegas Handyman Tip #108 – Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is a smart choice for homeowners today. Not only does it look beautiful but it can dramatically increase the value of your Las Vegas home.

Tile flooring will not stain, and is 100% fire resistant making it a safe and smart decision for you and your family.  Tile floors are also incredibly durable and easy to clean.  Tile flooring can last up to six times longer than traditional carpeting, and costs much less to maintain.

It is also proven that homes with tile attract the attention of home buyers faster, and that can be very important when selling your home with the growing real estate market.

Tiled floors can be installed in one day or less.   A Las Vegas Handyman can repair and help keep the cost of your tiled floor to a minimum.  If you are looking to purchase flooring that is durable and functional, tile would be great choice for your home!

Las Vegas Handyman Tip #106 – Granite Countertops

Many homes in Las Vegas have tile or laminate counters which make a home look old and outdated.  A nice way to spruce up a kitchen or bathroom is by adding a granite counter top.  Adding a granite countertop will make even the most tired looking cabinets look richer.

There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from, and adding granite to your kitchen or bath will also add value to you home too.  Granite is stain proof, heat resistant and easy to clean and maintain, making it a sensible choice.  It even protects against mold and mildew.   Consider granite for your Las Vegas home and you will be happy you did!