Winter Storage Problems? Garage Shelving and Storage Cabinet Solutions

Everyone can use more storage. Especially here in Southern Nevada and the Las Vegas Valley where houses are not built to include a basement, and the only storage we have is in our garage. Installing shelving and cabinets not only gives you so much more storage it gives you chance to organize your garage, and expand the efficiency and space of your home.

Here are a few handy tips that may help you do it yourself, or give Your Las Vegas Handyman a call, we would love to help:

Make sure shelves or cabinets clear garage doors, garage door tracks and service doors.

Keep cabinets and shelves above head level in foot traffic areas, and away from doors so you don’t bump into them.

Remember to allow enough space between the ceiling and the shelving for tall items you plan to store.

If you have a large pickup truck or SUV, make sure your shelving or cabinets don’t obstruct the doors

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  • howard stevens

    Would like to hang 2 4×8 storage racks in my garage. Need an estimate to hang.. I do have the racks we took it down from our previous residence

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