Exterior Home Painting – Projects for Spring

As we ‘spring’ into Spring and Summer, a home’s curb appeal is very important whether you are selling your home or for your own pleasure.  The quickest way to enhance the curb appeal of your home is with a fresh coat of paint to the exterior walls of the house and also the wood trim. Homes in the southwest part of the United States and Las Vegas have extremely hot summers so it’s even more important to paint when you live in these areas. Ignoring the exterior wood finishes of a house will cause the wood to peel and chip making the wood replacement very costly.  Painting stucco also keeps a home looking new and  fresh. Many Las Vegas homes have rules set down by a Homeowners Association so it important to make sure the color you pick is approved by the association before you paint.   I have seen on several occasions where a color was not permitted and the owner had to repaint the entire house!

Here is a little tip for painting a front door…..paint it the same color as your trim or even go a little darker and make the curb appeal even more beautiful!