Exterior Home Painting – Projects for Spring

As we ‘spring’ into Spring and Summer, a home’s curb appeal is very important whether you are selling your home or for your own pleasure.  The quickest way to enhance the curb appeal of your home is with a fresh coat of paint to the exterior walls of the house and also the wood trim. Homes in the southwest part of the United States and Las Vegas have extremely hot summers so it’s even more important to paint when you live in these areas. Ignoring the exterior wood finishes of a house will cause the wood to peel and chip making the wood replacement very costly.  Painting stucco also keeps a home looking new and  fresh. Many Las Vegas homes have rules set down by a Homeowners Association so it important to make sure the color you pick is approved by the association before you paint.   I have seen on several occasions where a color was not permitted and the owner had to repaint the entire house!

Here is a little tip for painting a front door…..paint it the same color as your trim or even go a little darker and make the curb appeal even more beautiful!

Interior Home Painting – Projects for Fall

With fall just around the corner, it’s a good time to take a look at some inside projects.  The interior of your home is usually painted a color by the contractor who built the house. It is usually a neutral color.  Whether you are moving into a new Las Vegas house, or you have been living in the house for a while, you may want to repaint some of the rooms with a fresh coat of paint. This will brighten up any furniture and window coverings that you may have had for a while.

Many people choose to paint a room one color, or paint only one or two walls, creating an accent wall.  You can use this accent wall to help coordinate your window coverings and accessories.

A popular color these days in the Southwest is orange. If you like this color or any other color you can paint an entire wall or use an accent to add just a pop of color to the room.

It is important to choose the correct finish. You can choose the popular egg shell or choose a lovely satin finish. Using a gloss finish is usually practical in a room where you may have to wipe down a wall, so the kitchen or the bathroom makes the most sense to use this finish.

Have fun with paint & don’t be afraid to experiment!  Remember “ITS ONLY PAINT”!  And if you want us to help you with an interior painting project, give us a call, painting is our SPECIALTY!!!

Do You Have The Winter Blahs?

Well an excellent idea to help with the blahs is to spruce up the interior of your home.  Painting a room such as the living room or dining room to help make them more inviting and warm.  Wonderful rooms for hosting holiday parties.

An important project for preparing for the colder temps…

Before the temperatures reach the freezing point it is important to cover your exterior pipes. They should be wrapped tightly with a special insulation used specifically for this purpose. It is also a good idea to wrap your water heater with a water heater blanket made of fiberglass and foil on both sides for the ultimate insulation.


Just simply taking precautions ahead of time can save you lots of headaches by preparing these easy fixes.  Over the next weeks I will be back here with some additional ideas for preparing for the colder temps here in Southern Nevada.